April 6-8, 2016 - Saint Julian's, Malta

University of Malta
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Special Sessions

pdfdownload"Toward Smart, Smooth and Fast Sliding Mode Tracker – Recent Innovations and Applications"

 Organized by: 

Prof. Karim Khayati, Royal Military College of Canada, Canada

pdfdownload"Participative Technologies as New Territories of Information" 

Extended deadline: February 1st 

Organized by:

Prof. Pierre Saurel, SND, University of La Sorbonne, France

pdfdownload"Design of Collaborative Service Networks"

 Organized by: 

Dr. Imene Elhachfi, University of Sousse, Tunisia

Dr. Malek Masmoudi, University of Saint-Etienne, France

pdfdownload"Heuristics and Approximation Algorithms for Combinatorial Problems"

Organized by: 

Prof. Imed Kacem, LCOMS Lab, University of Lorraine, France

pdfdownload"Petri Nets Models for Modeling, Control and Optimization"

 Organized by: 

Dr. Achraf Jabeur Telmoudi, University of Sousse, Tunisia

Dr. Patrice Bonhomme, University of Tours, France

Dr. Alexandre Sava, MODILS, University of Lorraine, France

pdfdownload"Healthcare Engineering and Management"

 Organized by: 

Dr. Malek Masmoudi, LASPI, University of Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne, France

Prof. Abdelaziz Dammak, MODILS, University of Sfax, Tunisia

Dr. Achraf Jabeur Telmoudi, University of Sousse, Tunisia

pdfdownload"Fault tolerant predictive control applied to automotive systems"

 Organized by: 

Prof. Mounir Ayadi, National Engineering School of Tunis, Tunisia

pdfdownload"Fractional Differentiation and Its applications"

 Organized by: 

Dr. Messaoud Amairi, National Engineering School of Gabes, Tunisia

Dr. Mohamed Aoun, National Engineering School of Gabes, Tunisia

pdfdownload"Graphs and Bond Graphs for Supervision and Structural Analysis"

 Organized by: 

Prof. Belkacem Ould Bouamama, University of Lille 1, France

pdfdownload"New Trends and Challenges in Modern Supply Chain"

 Organized by: 

Dr. Abderrahmane Bensmaine, University of Tlemcen, Algeria

Dr. Fayçal Belkaid, University of Tlemcen, Algeria

Prof. Zaki Sari, Izmir University of Economics, Turkey

pdfdownload"Control Systems Using Soft Computing – Application to nonlinear dynamic systems"

 Organized by: 

Khouloud Filali, Polytechnic School of Tunis-University of Carthage, Tunisia

Khaled Nouri, Polytechnic School of Tunis-University of Carthage, Tunisia


Due to multiple requests, the Papers submission deadline has been extended to 
January 07, 2016
Deadline for Special Session proposal has been extended to 
December 20, 2015

Call for Special Sessions

CFSSThe goal of special sessions (5 papers) and special tracks (at least two sessions) is to provide focused discussions on new topics or innovative applications. Each prospective session/track organizer must submit a proposal, including the title of the session, a short description and the organizer name.  Click on the icon to download the template. The proposals should be submitted  to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

before December 20, 2015.